Zombies make my blood curl, Dead Island adds adrenaline to it!

Most of us love zombies. Don’t we? I mean it’s fair that we kill them all the time because they’re kind of already dead and don’t feel pain. Plus, they make for good entertainment! Seriously, there’s just nothing like smashing the heads of the undead in with a baseball bat or a rare Les Paul. Some would disagree, but they’re musicians…

Well it seems that the time has come for yet another ‘Dead Island’ to satisfy our need to be drenched in infected blood and half eaten guts. Now that’s a heart-warming image!
Deep Silver announced today that another installment to the ‘Dead Island’ series is on its way, namely, Dead Island Riptide. I still find it funny how they call the game a ‘Zombie Vacation Simulator’. It’s almost like they believe zombies are real! (laughs nervously)


Deep Silver will come out with an extensive reveal for this game (and the unspeakable horrors that lie within) sometime this summer. From what I’ve heard, the game will be available for retail on both consoles and PC.
The last Dead Island game got a lot of negative feedback from critics for various reasons, despite the game being immensely fun to play. But to make these critics feel that Deep Silver has indeed gone the mile in developing this sequel, Deep Silver has managed to iron out most of whatever went wrong in Dead Island which I hope for Deep Silvers’ sake will carry on to Riptide. Of course it would be pretty silly to make a mistake, correct it, and then make the mistake again!
An inside source mentioned that the scaling in the game may either get fixed or removed completely. I can hear those sighs of relief already! For those who aren’t aware what this is about, the scaling in the game made the game feel the same throughout. In the sense that a really powerful weapon you found later on in the game would cause the same amount to damage to zombies as a weaker weapon you used earlier in the game making the game feel essentially the same throughout.

All we can hope for is that Deep Silver delivers as promised. And I hope they do because Dead Island really redefines what it is to annihilate zombies! And by annihilate I do mean annihilate, and not just kill. Because killing is for sissies.


Release Date: Q4 2012

Developers: Deep Silver

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