The Lost Planet saga gets a prequel, Lost Planet 3.

Normally when people buy games they aren’t very attracted to the prospect of buying one that has a number appended to the title that’s not one. It’s rather easy to understand why this happens too and that’s usually because the gamers are a little hesitant to invest in a series they have never played before. Taunted by the questions, ‘What if I’ve never played these the previous games? How will I understand the lore behind the game?’ a game with a ‘3’ in it would normally invite such kind of apprehensions.

Lost Planet 3

I’m pretty much here to tell you that this is not the case with Lost Planet 3. Why you ask? It’s simply because Lost Planet 3, despite its slightly misleading name, is a prequel that goes far before the time of the first Lost Planet game.

Lost Planet 3 Release date

For those who aren’t familiar with Lost Planet, it’s a good game that’s heavily underrated. Personally I don’t understand why this game isn’t played all that much! To be honest, I find the entire series to be particularly enjoyable. Maybe it’s because every time Capcom thinks they can get some publicity for Lost Planet, Activision decides to pop another Call of Duty. We all know how that would go for poor Capcom now, don’t we?


But some gamers are still asking the question, “If Lost Planet 3 is a prequel, why is it ‘3’? Why not ‘Lost Planet: Beginnings’ or ‘Lost Planet: Origins’?”

Lost Planet 3 Game Trailer


Capcom producer Andrew Symanski addressed this question saying that he’s not a big fan of colons (no pun intended) and subtitles. Moreover he also mentioned that starting a new IP costs millions of dollars and it’s much easier to simply make a sequel!


Lost Planet 3 is the perfect game for those who have been interested in the Lost Planet lore but have never had the chance to jump into the world first hand. If you haven’t played any of the previous games in the series, this is a good one for you to start with for the obvious reason it scales before the first Lost Planet in time, and of course nom-nom graphics!


The words have been spoken, now it’s left to see how things go when Capcom finally releases the game in the market sometime next year. Hopefully with no delays (*cough* Rockstar).

 Lost Planet 3 GamePlay Trailer


Release Date: Q2, 2013

Developer: Spark

Publisher: Capcom



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