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half life 2 synergy review

We are all familiar with the legendary (yet seemingly mute) Gordon Freeman, and even more so with the game he represents, namely, Half-Life. Half-Life is one of the most iconic games of the 21st century, so much so that it has spent the best part of the decade at the top spot of most ‘Best PC Games of all time’ lists. The eerie atmosphere and the gripping storyline of this masterpiece of a game, has long haunted scores of gamers since its conception in 1998!

 A few years later, Valve outdid themselves when they launched Half-Life 2, a more than worthy sequel to the spine-tingling chapter one (I just love doing that!). Now while the game went on to win many Game of the Year awards, Game of the Decade awards and captivate the hearts of (or induce heart-attacks in) millions of gamers, a game development team called Synergy had a ‘Hold on…’ moment.

 “Hold on… what if two or more people could play Half-Life 2… wait for it… in Co-op!”

 And so it was. The Synergy mod was born.

It's headcrab lovin' time!

The Synergy mod allows two or more players with Half-Life 2 and a Steam account to play the campaign maps (as well as some custom ones, courtesy of the Synergy team) in co-operative mode. If you ever thought the Half-Life 2 campaign was awesome, then you’d have to think of a better word for Half-Life 2 in co-op mode!

When I installed Synergy for the first time, even I was a bit skeptic. Surely they couldn’t have retained the awesomeness of the original game! But I was wrong… they did. They added my best friend, who would stand back and watch me burn to death while being attacked by a horde of vicious zombies, all the while laughing like a moron on voice-chat. And I hate to admit it, but I did the same and it was oddly satisfying…

 They haven’t deviated much from the original game in terms of gameplay and this made it all the more appealing to the Half-Life fan base. There’s the occasional bug you can spot here and there, like when it comes to parts of the game when you need a vehicle, and there is just one… you take the one, and get the hell out of there all the while trolling your mates on voice chat. But if your friends are smart they probably already know the console command to spawn a vehicle and you would have simply failed (epically).

 Synergy has also taken care of a few other complications that would have made the game unplayable at harder difficulties like NPC lag compensation, which introduces a bit of lag to the non-player characters to compensate for your bad connection. I’m sorry, did I troll you there?

In order to play using the Synergy mod you should have Half-Life 2 and the Source SDK installed on the same Steam account. Some maps might require you to have the Episode One and Episode Two files as well. You can also run Synergy in conjunction with other third-party mods like Minerva and ROCK24. Talk about a versatile mod!


So if you have the above installed, and are still on this page, apparently you didn’t get the message…

Get it. Now! :D

Synergy Mod (Requires Steam to be installed and running)


If you don’t have any of the above (I’m so sorry!)…

Get it ALL. Now!! :D

It’s about time you immerse yourself in some serious co-operative zombie ass kicking fun! ;)  (And i’m not even referring to Left 4 Dead…)


One of the many fun things you can do with your buddy


No YOU get out of the elevator first!


What happens when your best friend ditches you...





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