Powercolor Brings Liquid-Cooled Graphics to the Market

Powercolor Radeon HD 6990 Liquid Cooled Graphics Card

I know this doesn’t look like much, but that right there is a Radeon HD 6990.

Now you might be wondering what’s so special about an old (considerably) card like the HD 6990 that I decided to post it here for all of you to see?

Truth is you’ll never guess it so i’m going to tell you; This card right here, this is liquid cooled. That’s right. That’s a self-sustained liquid cooled graphics processor.

All of a sudden you do not care that it looks like something a bunch of senile monkeys with some fancy tools designed. And quite fairly so!

Brought to you by PowerColor-ATI Graphics and EK Waterblocks, this card is something you would love to own if you are an avid gamer with an unbearable itch to overclock your hardware to levels which might create an inter-dimensional rift in time and space causing Vortigaunts to phasewalk through your peaceful town and suck the souls out of innocent unsuspecting kids.

This modification to the already quite spectacular HD 6990, just made it possible for it to get so much better (it’s far more stable and cooler even at high GPU load; plus the absence of a fan makes the otherwise noise 6990, virtually noiseless), faster and did I mention faster?

But if you’re on your way to the store right now to grab one of these, i’m going to go out of my way to disappoint you by saying that it’s not out yet, and unfortunately, neither are the prices. Actually that disappointed me more than you…but I hope these babies make it to the market soon, because I can’t wait to buy it!

That’s actually a lie. I’m not gonna buy it (cuz I don’t need one), but if you are gonna get a new card soon, and if and only if you’re going to afterburn this baby to hell, you really should grab one !

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